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A Creak in the Cold

Image of A Creak in the Cold

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Debut album released through Pull Yourself Together records. Features 'Southern State', 'Plastic Pearls' and single 'Shades of Blue'.

"Christopher Eatough has the maturity, both musically and experientially, to imbue everything he writes with a stunning honesty, utter believability, class and skill. It is only the dawning of the year, and thus early to be making predictions, but I’ll happily throw my neck on the block and say that if you scour North, South, East and West over the next twelve months, you will genuinely struggle to find a singer-songwriter’s debut record that will compete with the extraordinary scope of songwriting and musicianship displayed over these ten exquisite tracks. This is beautiful music and a vindication of how in 2011, there is still no substitute for wonderfully constructed songs with vision, scope and a huge chunk ripped out of your left ventricle. If he’s not known across the UK in eighteen months, it clearly means that the whole country has been started on a daily dose of Prozac - 5/5" - Manchester Music


1. Shades of Blue
2. This Circus Affair
3. Southern State
4. Between the Trees
5. Devil's Report
6. Hands Down
7. There Were No Ghosts
8. Plastic Pearls
9. Shanty Town
10. Wishing Box